Front and center of our ethos

Corporate social responsibility

For us, social responsibility is not just a buzzword. Giving back to the community is an integral part of our ethos and a deeply inculcated part of our being. While financial success is an important aspect of business, we have also prioritized CSR initiatives as an equal stakeholder in our success. This means ensuring that we dedicate our resources, energy and time towards helping the less fortunate, promoting a healthy environment and ensuring that our society is a better place to live.

Our primary initiatives are dedicated to the health and welfare of children and pregnant mothers. Combating issues such as malnourishment and maternal health, we strive to ensure a better future for the generations to come. Building on this, we also work towards empowering women, along with promoting education and sports for children and young people. We also take part in environmental conservation and animal welfare initiatives.

We will keep helping and feeding people in need, till there comes a day where there is nobody in need

The Tilaknagar spirit

Responsibility in action

Feeding India

Health and nutrition

It is vital to act upon the nutritional needs of children and pregnant mothers. We know that by focusing on this, we can better the mental, emotional and physical health of future generations.

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Creating champions

Sports and fitness

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Rescue and nurture

Animal welfare

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For a brighter future

Schooling and Education

Education has the potential to change the course of an entire nation. It is for this cause we have been working on reviving education and inculcating a love for learning amongst the children of India.

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