The Tilaknagar legacy

Inspiring leadership and extraordinary passion

In a pre-independent India, our founder Shri. Mahadev L Dahanukar established India’s first private sugar mill – The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited. This was the beginning of an inspirational journey which, under the esteemed leadership of the Dahanukar family, evolved into Tilaknagar Industries Ltd.

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Distilling perfection

The art of brandy making

The authentic style of brandy making is an art unto itself. Our expert distillers have mastered subtle processes – such as using special hand picked grapes, coal-fired French pot stills, and maturing the liquor in Oak casks – to craft an exceptional, premium brandy range.

India’s finest

Production unit

Located amongst the richest grape harvesting areas of Maharashtra, our Shrirampur distillery is amongst the finest brandy producing units of India. With state-of-the-art equipment, the distillery has a production capacity of over 150 KLPD. The international standard operating procedures and quality control processes ensure we meet the global standards of quality.

Lift your spirits

Signature cocktails

Craft bar style cocktails right from the comfort of your home.