Feeding India

Health and nutrition

One of our most visible goals is to act upon the nutritional needs of children and improve the maternal health of pregnant mothers. We know that by focusing on these avenues, we can better the mental, emotional and physical health of the future generations of India.

We work on the nutritional needs of children aged between 0-6 years and are educating young girls on practices related to reproductive health and pregnancy. Our contact programs and community engagement initiatives are designed to ensure that women and parents are able to make informed choices regarding health and nutrition.

Some other topics of focus include preventing the occurrences of water-borne diseases, practicing good personal hygiene, sanitizing areas around and at home; knowing how to identify and avoid breast cancer and spreading awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco and other harmful substances.

By prioritizing the nutrition of children and pregnant mothers, we can better the mental, emotional and physical health of future generations.

Empowering new mothers

Maternal health and childcare

To support pregnant mothers and their newborns, we have a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and field officers who are focused on ensuring healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that each child survives and thrives – from conception to the first 1000 days of their life.

We have built strong relationships within the community and have delivered many preventive and treatment programmes, which include the ‘Essential Nutrition Action’ (ENA) program, which is a global standard in promoting maternal health and qualitative childcare.

Our ENA program comprises counseling during pregnancy and post delivery. This includes education on the importance of iodized salt, prenatal vitamins and iron. We teach various nutritious recipes and elaborate on best feeding practices for newborns and toddlers. The program manages acute malnutrition and empowers mothers to take care of their children in the best possible way.

Through ENA, we hope to make a lasting impact on many small rural communities. Thus, we have partnered with multiple NGOs, non-profits, hospitals and other like-minded communities to replicate the ENA program and our general healthcare and child development model.


adults educated on
prevention of disease


children educated on
impacts of adolescence


Ahmednagar localities adopted for health and nutritional initiatives

Enabling healthier choices

Malnutrition and disease

Malnutrition is the biggest impediment a child may face during their lifetime. With the help of doctors and nutritionists, we have actively helped malnourished children by putting them on a nutritious diet that is enriched with vitamins and other essential nutrients. We also campaign regularly to ensure that parents understand how good nutrition and hygiene can improve their children’s health. Parents now have access to home counseling, doctor consultations and micronutrient supplementations; and we educate them on how nutritious recipes and better feeding practices can improve quality of living.

Education and awareness are key to prevent malnutrition and disease. We have employed a grassroots approach – via street plays, fairs and camps and “training the trainers” programs – to spread awareness amongst many more families on the importance of a varied diet, good nutrition, hygiene and other basic practices that eradicate disease and promote good health.

The Tilaknagar spirit

Responsibility in action

Creating champions

Sports and fitness

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