Babasaheb Dahanukar’s legacy

Our foundation

Our story begins in the pre-independence era of Indian history. In 1933, our founder Shri. Mahadev L Dahanukar laid the foundation of what was previously known as ‘The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited’.

Affectionately and respectfully known as Babasaheb Dahanukar, he was inspired by the noted freedom fighter Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak and as a mark of respect for his guide, Babasaheb renamed ‘The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited’ to ‘Tilaknagar Industries Ltd’.

This sugar mill changed the face of the sugar industry in Maharashtra. In a period where there was a lack of technology and savant leadership, Babasaheb inspiringly led the way to prosperity and the economic boom of the sugar and alcohol industries in Maharashtra.

Leadership across generations

The Dahanukar family

Founded in 1993 by the reputed Dahanukar family, Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. has steadily nurtured its passion for growth and giving back to the community.

A journey that started as ‘The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited’ (MSM) by the illustrious industrialist and visionary Shri Mahadev L Dahanukar, has come full circle under the leadership of our current chairman and managing director Shri Amit Dahanukar.

With Shri Amit Dahanukar helming the frontiers, we have become producers of the finest brandy in the Indian market and have launched varied brands under our portfolio. With the turn of 2020, we have achieved record sales nationally and have steadily gained popularity in international markets.



Shri. Mahadev L Dahanukar

The prescient, eminent personality with whom our prosperous journey began.

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Shri. Dattatreya M Dahanukar

The driving force behind the evolution of The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited.

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Shri. Arun D Dahanukar

The astute businessman who spearheaded the formation and growth of Tilaknagar Industries Ltd.

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Shri. Amit A Dahanukar

The contemporary leader who is forming vision, forging alliances and furthering social causes.

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An inspirational journey

Tilaknagar across time

Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. has a rich legacy that is laced with incredible innovations and achievements. Our passion towards crafting quality liquor and to master the art of alcohol making has been passed down from generations. At our core, we have adapted the culture of innovation and being open to change.


Shri. Mahadev L Dahanukar laid the foundations of The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited.


Tilaknagar Distilleries Limited launches its flagship liquor - Mansion House.


The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited and Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Limited merge to form Tilaknagar Industries Ltd.


Launch of Courrier Napoleon Brandy.


Tilaknagar Industries Limited gains the iconic Madiraa Rum from Samson Distilleries.


Blue Lagoon Orange Gin joins the Tilaknagar label, thus boosting our portfolio.

Milestones to cherish

Recent awards and accolades

Winner of the Best Premium Brandy category at the IndSpirit Awards 2021