A flawless blend

Mansion House Gold Whisky

Nothing short of perfection. This blend is a flawless balance of rare malts and handpicked Indian grains. Favorite of connoisseurs and amateurs alike, this fine whisky is matured in aged oak casks to give it a deep rich flavor with scintillating aromatic notes.

Distinctly oaken

The Mansion House Whisky Blend

A full-bodied whisky that boasts of textured, oaken flavors. The golden blend is light yet delivers a rich palate that has hints of malts, a subtle fruitiness and a delicate smokiness. This superior blend reveals a distinct taste in every mouthful.


Enlivening with notes of malt and smoke


Textured oaken flavors with a subtle fruitiness


Rich palate, a smokey and fruity mouthful

Mansion House Gold Whisky

Tags: Brandy