Classic and contemporary

Mansion House Cherry Flandy

India’s best-selling Premium Brandy fused with a decadent cherry flavour. Made with the same finesse as the original Mansion House French Brandy, our cherry profile is a fresh take on our signature blend. Using the original processes that involve fine grape spirits being coal-fired in French pot stills, our blend curators have now infused the flavours of Cherry to craft a blend that is the perfect bridge between classic and contemporary.

Decadently fruity

The Mansion House Cherry Blend

The core Mansion House blend, which is made from the finest grapes brandies at our Shrirampur distillery, remains the hero of this blend. By adding an infusion of cherry to this pleasant brandy, we bring a sweet, fruity flavour to the palate to make a rich mouthful. With its golden red body, this brandy reminds of bright red cherries and golden sunsets – a perfect recipe for cocktail hour.


Ethereally sweet with a tinge of tartness


Rich mouthful with sweet cherry flavours


Pleasant, persistent aftertaste with a fruity finish

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Mansion House Cherry Flandy

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