Classic Meets Refreshing

Mansion House Green Apple Flandy

India’s best-selling Premium Brandy takes a refreshing twist with Mansion House Green Apple Flandy. This exciting new expression bridges the gap between timeless quality and a refreshingly modern taste. Our time-honoured process, featuring fine grape spirits matured in French oak casks, forms the foundation of this blend. Expert curators then masterfully infuse the spirit with the invigorating essence of green apples, resulting in a vibrant blend that retains the masterful craftsmanship of the original Mansion House French Brandy with a burst of fresh green apple.

Apple Orchard Fresh

The Mansion House Green Apple

Open a bottle of Mansion House Green Apple Flandy to experience a sensory journey.  The aroma bursts forth with the inviting scent of freshly picked green apples, whetting your appetite for a lively delight to come. The first sip is akin to biting into a freshly picked fruit, the explosion of flavours is invigorating and nostalgic. The vibrant green apple essence mixed with a subtle sweetness and tartness, leaves you wanting for more.


Fruity notes with warm oak undertones


A perfect tango of subtle sweetness and lingering tartness


Refreshing echoes of perfectly ripe green apples

Mansion House Green Apple Flandy

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