Beautifully Balanced

Blue Lagoon Gin

Here is a beautifully balanced gin that is refreshing and perfect for cocktails. Made with a blend of juniper berries, oranges and other botanicals, gives it an earthy and grounded flavor with a dash of citrus. This blend is perfect for supping on its own or mixing in your favourite cocktails.


The Blue Lagoon Gin

Here’s a perfect blend for gin lovers who love their juniper-forward gin. The juniper berries, along with hints of orange and other botanicals add a complexity and depth of flavor to the Blue Lagoon Gin. Overall, this is refreshing and flavourful gin that is a perfect addition to your social gatherings, especially cocktail parties!


Well balanced aroma with earthy notes


Dry, cool with hints of floral and citrus


Smooth, easy to drink, slightly sweet finish

Blue Lagoon Gin

Tags: Brandy