Perfectly Lemony

Blue Lagoon Gin Lemon

Blue Lagoon Gin Lemon is a vibrant, delightful gin that embodies a vibrant lemon essence in every sip. Made by infusing luscious lemons into a rich and earthy gin base, the result is a flavor-packed blend that’s suitable for any occasion, but especially delightful during warm summer days.

Vibrant Summery Delight

The Blue Lagoon Gin Lemon

Our artisanal lemon gin beautifully encapsulates the vibrancy of freshly-picked lemons. It has very pleasent citrus notes that strike a harmonious balance between tang and sweet, making it an ideal choice for daytime sipping or mixing into cocktails.


Sharp, invigorating aroma of lemon


Full-bodied lemon with sweet undercurrents


Lingering flavor with a satisfying consulsion

Blue Lagoon Gin Lemon

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