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Tilaknagar Industries is a leading alcoholic beverage company in India. Founded in 1933 by Shri Mahadev L. Dahanukar as Maharashtra Sugar Mills, the company was then engaged in the manufacture of sugar and allied products. TI now has over 75 years of excellence in the consumer goods category. The Dahanukar family continues to be the promoter of TI sharing the same vision and values as the founders. Under the current leadership of Shri Amit Dahanukar the company has built a strong and diverse portfolio of brands in various liquor categories including brandy, whisky, vodka, gin and rum.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

To establish TI as a premier spirit and liquor company with the highest levels of quality, product delivery and service to ensure profit maximisation and increased shareholder value, while also demonstrating the strength of our brands and our commitment to the community as a good corporate citizen.

Our Vision

To continue providing superior consumer experience with a robust portfolio of brands across all categories and serve every person in their everyday and extraordinary moments alike.

Our Values

  • We are passionate about what we do. We inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit so that each member takes ownership of their job and delivers results that exceed expectations.
  • We are proud of delivering products that create lifelong loyal customers. We work relentlessly to create exciting new experiences.
  • We take innovation seriously. We aren’t afraid to challenge existing practices in order to create better versions of ourselves.
  • Care and trust defines our business and our culture. We are a family and look after each other.

History & Heritage

Since its inception in 1933 by the reputed Dahanukar family of Maharashtra, TI has steadily nurtured its appetite for growth. A journey that was initiated as ‘The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited’ (MSM) by the illustrious industrialist and visionary Shri Mahadev L Dahanukar, has come full circle under the leadership of Amit Dahanukar. The company has seen an unprecedented growth reflected in its record sales, both nationally and internationally.


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Board of Directors

Senior Management

Nationwide Network

TI ensures a seamless coordination of all functions not just in production, but also in its supply chain management. From tracking market changes and market research to sourcing raw materials, manufacturing and delivering finished goods, TI maintains the highest efficiency.

With a manufacturing and bottling network of 15 units and a network of over 100 distributors across India, we distribute our products across the country, covering all market segments and geographies.

Our primary markets that account for almost 90 per cent of our revenues as on 31 March 2017, are located in South India.

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