Joyful Learning
A child-friendly educational method fosters self-learning and allows the child develop their physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills. Our teaching offers an alternative to the orthodox and rote education that is most common.
The children found to be malnourished are put on a rigorous nutritional diet duly supplemented by vitamins and micro-nutrients to ensure that they grow to their fullest potential. We invite you to come forth and help shape a healthy and disease free generation.

• Creating engaging learning environments
• Giving children a deeper understanding of all concepts through integrating arts & culture, sports and experiential and active learning in their curriculum.
• Focusing on ensuring that the child can become an independent and motivated learner
• Inspiring curiosity, and teaching the child critical thinking, social and questioning skills.

We have also educated and assessed 771 children on physical & behavioral changes during adolescence, communicable diseases and precautions to be taken and first aid education at Remand home at Tilaknagar, Cannosa Girls hostel and AnandVihar – home for destitute children.

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