Sports and Fitness development
Sport and fitness when used rightly is a powerful tool for engagement of communities. It helps imbibe critical human and community values such as collectivism, fairness and sportsmanship that can seldom be achieved through teaching alone. It is instrumental in engaging the youth and paving the way for a society with a healthy mind and body. The Tilaknagar Gymkhana has been running for the past 60 years in various sports such as cricket, volleyball, lawn tennis, table tennis, chess, carom, kabaddi, kho-kho, athletics etc.

It has given rural children an avenue to repeatedly represent their sporting talent at the district, state and national level. Through our program, we are engaging the children not only in popular sports such as cricket and football, but also working towards reviving the old and traditional sports of the state such as kabaddi, kho-kho.

The sports program reaches out to more than 3588 children and aspires to inculcate a love for sports among the villagers.

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