Maternal Health
A dedicated team of doctors, nurses, nutritionist and field officers ensure that pregnant mothers have healthy pregnancies and the children are born healthy. Proper nutrition during the first thousand days of a child’s life, from conception until their second birthday is the key factor in ensuring that they survive and reach their potential. The team is responsible for delivering both preventive and treatment programmes. Our team follows an evidence based “Essential Nutrition Action” (ENA) as per global standards.

The 7 ENAs include :-

  1. Nutrition counselling during pregnancy.
  2. Counselling on importance on intake of iodized salt. (To prevent mental retardation).
  3. Importance of prenatal vitamins and iron to pregnant mothers.
  4. Importance of exclusive breastfeeding.
  5. Importance of variety of nutrient dense complementary food from 6 months onwards and good hygiene practices.
  6. Empowering mothers to take care of minor illnesses (e.g.: Curing diarrhoea with ORS and zinc)
  7. Management of acute malnutrition (through RUTF)

By building relationships with the community in order to implement the core program, we have achieved excellent results. Monitoring and evaluation activities through the collection of timely, relevant, accessible, high-quality information is ensured. As a part of better parenting lesson we demonstrate proper feeding practices and cooking demonstration to display various food recipes to address nutrient deficiency.

Healthcare and child development with a focus on prevention and education is a cost effective tools to make a lasting impact. We replicate our model by reaching out in partnership with other NGOs, communities, hospitals and like-minded organizations.

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