Environment Sustainability
SMDT carries out a multitude of environmental conservation activities.A central nursery at Tilaknagar has been rearing native MPTS (Multipurpose tree species) for the past four years.By handing over the ownership of the trees to the villagers, we have managed to plant over 1, 25,000 plants over the past three years. Working in line with the United Nations Billion Tree Program, our trust has been working to improve the biodiversity of our long lost forests and communities.The children found to be malnourished are put on a rigorous nutritional diet duly supplemented by vitamins and micro-nutrients to ensure that they grow to their fullest potential. We invite you to come forth and help shape a healthy and disease free generation.

The trust lays equal emphasis on conservation of natural habitats and resources. Through check dams, rainwater harvesting and water shed development we have addressed water conservation in Ahmednagar and Umarkhed district in Maharashtra.

Solar energy remains a beacon of renewable energy for the coming years and the trust has installed over 100 solar street lamps in the villages of Shrirampur Taluka with irregular power supply

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