Day-drinkers delight

Blue Lagoon Gin Orange

A zesty, lighthearted gin, the Blue Lagoon orange has been delightfully crafted to bring an authentic citrus orange flavor. The rich and earthy gin is expertly steeped with an orange infusion to create a flavorful blend that instantly livens up the day.

Intensely orange

The Blue Lagoon Gin Orange Blend

Artistically blended, the Blue Lagoon brings the sensation of fresh oranges to the palate. The gin contains intense notes of oranges with a well balanced aroma that has a crisp citrus tang spiked with a fruity note. A wonderful mood setter, this gin is a delight for day-drinking.


A pleasurable, crisp sensation of fresh oranges


Full flavored with citrusy tangs of orange


Sweet palate with a long-lasting aftertaste

Blue Lagoon Gin Orange

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